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Time to Dance

I love to dance! Yes, I do. I dance at home to show tunes, Irish folk music, the Oldies, and then some.

Maybe it’s in my blood. Being of mixed descent including Irish, Spanish, and Italian ancestry. In one of the older home movies my grandparents took, I am a child dressed as an Indian princess dancing on a rooftop in New York City. Back in the day, rooftops became the place to socialize, take pictures, and take the sun. The name “tar beach” referred to sitting on the roof and sunning oneself. I have vague memories of that.

Having grown up in the time of the Sixties and Seventies, I enjoyed such dances as the Twist, the Monkey, the Hustle, line dancing, and other types of dances. More recently I took up Swing and ballroom dancing thanks to classes I took in Nutley, New Jersey.  I also enjoy ethnic dancing at weddings provided there’s a DJ or someone who teaches beforehand.

Dancing is freeing, helps let off stress, and good exercise. I prefer dancing when other people are on the dance floor, since I’m a little shy about it.

What does dancing have to do with being a writer? I’m not exactly sure, but I think it involves moving, music, and listening to oneself. As a writer, I have to move, listen to the music of the words I use, and listen to my inner voice as I compose a story, a poem, or something else. It’s also great fun to move to music, and it’s great fun to create with words. I even used dancing in my writing. Most recently it appears as the title, A Time to Dance, and some of the most romantic moments in my stories.

So, whenever and wherever you can, take time to dance. Enjoy!