Excerpt: Wildflowers

“God you are beautiful.” Ryan cupped her chin.

“Not like Evening Star.”

Ryan lifted her chin. “More beautiful than a thousand evening stars…more than a field of wildflowers on a summer’s day…more…”

She held up her hand. “Stop, Mr. Majors,” she said, with a soft chuckle. “Your words are kind, but…”

“True. Oh, I can’t write fancy poetry like RM did. But tell me, Miss Wade, did your RM make you feel this way.” He kissed her. A long, full-mouthed kiss that sent her head spinning, her heart racing, and left her breathless when his lips left hers.

No, she knew the truth; Robert McEntee loved her but never made her feel the way she did at this moment in Ryan’s arms. She leaned against his chest for support, lest her own legs give way and she fall.

Ryan studied her a moment. “For all his learning, your precious RM must have been a damn fool! Yankees!” He shook his head. “Maybe we both learned a lesson today.” He turned, lifted the carton, and headed down the path toward camp with a very puzzled and flustered Johanna trailing in his wake, her lips still damp from his kiss.


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