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Thank you for stopping by! My blog posts will be where I share my thoughts, ideas, experiences, and news. Over the past few years I have been fortunate to get my writing professionally published. I plan to share what I have learned about writing, what inspires me, and what I enjoy doing when I’m not busy writing. So, please stop by, and if you can, leave a comment. Thank you!

Walking the Tightrope of a Dual Career

It’s amazing to me how often I feel like I’m on a tightrope with two careers: asĀ  a part-time novelist and a full-time teacher, but I manage somehow. It means making time for the writing while doing my best as an educator.

It means quick meals, take-out food, and a supportive family and friends.

It means keeping notepads around to jot down creative ideas.

I wrote my first novel on a bus years ago when I commuted to a job in Manhattan. I wrote a second novel while my son napped as a baby. I’ve written other books on weekends and vacations when I could.

Not easy but doable. Stay balanced, focused, and don’t fall off the tightrope.