Some things are not easily explained or defined but felt and understood on some other level.



Seventeen year-old Georgina Claythorne’s ability to talk to ghosts leads her to discover one haunting the portrait of Eric Toomey, a young Civil War soldier, at her grandmother’s antique shop in Ocean Grove, New Jersey. The portrait is one of several items from which Georgina “picks up paranormal activity”. She becomes caught up in the mystery of Eric’s former life, her unnatural attraction to the ghost, and her changing relationship with long-time friend and fellow ghost hunter, Jake Hanlon. All this complicates what was supposed to be a boring summer. Can Georgina help Eric’s spirit or will doing so put those she cares for in danger?




Dream Inspire Love


Dream Inspire Love

In this second in a series of ghost stories, Georgina Claythorne now eighteen, teams up with boyfriend Jake Hanlon once again to investigate a haunting in Ocean Grove, New Jersey. As she works to help her father in the newly renovated Claythorne Bed and Breakfast Inn, Georgina discovers a connection between the haunting of an Irish servant girl from 1914 and her ancestors. She not only must convince her father of the haunting and the need to get rid of the ghosts before it’s too late, but she must trust a mysterious guest named Samantha with her own link to the haunting and an interest in Georgina’s father





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