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“School is out, and eighteen-year-old Georgina Claythorne has decided to spend the summer helping out at her father’s bed-and-breakfast in Ocean Grove, New Jersey. However, Georgina isn’t your typical college freshman on vacation: ever since she was a little girl, Georgina has been able to communicate with the spirits of the dead, and the Victorian mansion that now houses her father’s business is teeming with paranormal activity. With the help of her boyfriend, Jake, and a guest with an unusual interest in the haunting, Georgina seeks to unravel the house’s secrets and bring peace to the departed souls trapped within its walls.

A Dance Out of Time is the second novel that chronicles the ghost hunting adventures of Georgina Claythorne and Jake Hanlon. Although I have not read the first installment of the series, I enjoyed this book enough to have developed an interest in reading it. This is a nicely written YA novel that is well-suited for younger teenagers.

The plot moves at a steady pace, and the author does a wonderful job of providing just enough detail to paint a clear picture of the characters and settings without being tedious (something of vital importance for the target audience).

The author demonstrates clear knowledge of Ocean Grove (a real place) and the Jersey Shore, giving this otherworldly novel an element of realism. Furthermore, Hurricane Sandy’s effects upon the community are mentioned more than once, which at this date makes the novel current (another concern for younger readers) and provides a timeframe for the events that unfold.

My favorite aspect of this novel is the relationship between Georgina and Jake. I was under the impression that the two were friends before they became an item, and their interactions indicate that there is much more than physical attraction going on between them. Personally, I feel that our culture places too much emphasis on the physical aspect of relationships, and it was refreshing to encounter a YA story that wasn’t overly focused on it.

I also appreciate that the author kept this novel clean. Georgina and Jake do not engage in sexual activity and steer clear of other so-called adult behaviors (such as drinking, drug use, and swearing), making them good role models for the target audience.

I give A Dance Out of Time 3 out of 4 stars for being a solidly written YA novel. The dialogue could be improved a little, but overall this is a good story. I would recommend this book to middle school girls, especially those who have an interest in ghost stories and the paranormal.”

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By Judy on February 2, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

The story of Georgina pulls the reader in.The descriptions of Ocean Grove and Asbury Park give local flavor to the story. Grandmother Bess Treasure Trove is a special place well described. For mystery,romance and thrilling psychic phenomena one cannot beat A Kiss Out Of Time.
on January 12, 2014
Format: Paperback
Seventeen year-old Georgina has plans for what could be quite a boring summer by most young girls’ standards. Not every young girl would willingly spend the summer helping out in her grandmother’s shop, but Georgina isn’t just an ordinary girl. She has the uncanny ability to talk to ghosts so spending time in her grandmother’s antique shop could become quite complicated by being amongst all the heirlooms.
Predictably, Georgina picks up some interesting vibes from the portrait. The portrait is part of a collection of heirlooms from a local estate and depicts a young and handsome Civil War soldier. Now, Georgina becomes caught up with the life of Eric Toomey and feels a real connection to him. The time she spends with ghostly Eric becomes complicated by the appearance of a real live friend, Jake who comes to help as a fellow ghost-hunter. Danger is in the air and she has to make some decisions as she helps Eric with some resolved issues.
This was a charming read that could appeal to girls and women of all ages who enjoy a light-hearted romance.
Note: I was provided a copy of the book by the author in exchange for an honest review.
By Aline S Filipe on December 13, 2013

Format: Paperback

I really liked this book! I loved the story and the writing style. Easy read, very entertaining. It’s a must read. Loved it!

Great YA ghost story!

on October 3, 2013

Format: Kindle Edition

This is a lovely, romantic, page-turning story about a young woman, Georgina, who spends a summer working in her grandmother’s antique store bombarded with paranormal activity that she picks up from a painting of a Civil War soldier. I loved the quirky characters and the Jersey shore vibe!


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