Autumn in New York

I inhale the burnt aroma of chestnuts and hot pretzels as I step outside the subway station. My pace quickens. I’m in a foot race to keep up with fellow travelers rushing to go wherever they need to in the shortest amount of time. The air is crisp. The foliage in the tree-lined sidewalks turn shades of green, gold, or rust.

Somehow when I get into the City, as Manhattan is often called, I feel like I’m home again. After all, I was born there, at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Greenwich Village, and I spent half of my childhood there before moving with my parents to Staten Island. I also commuted by train, bus, and even Staten Island Ferry to various office jobs in the City. So, even though I later moved with my husband to Nutley, New Jersey, where I have spent many more years, I  am still a New Yorker at heart. While New Jersey offers so much, such as great neighborhoods, beaches, entertainment, and more, I miss the City.

This weekend I travelled into the City twice. Once to see  JB Priestly’s Time and the Conways starring Elizabeth McGovern (of Downton Abbey fame) at the Roundabout Theater, an excellent drama about a family in disharmony, aging, and regrets for lost opportunities, and today to visit relatives Uptown.  Although I do not miss the daily commutes from New Jersey to work in Manhattan, I still enjoy the City, especially during autumn.





I am a published novelist and a language arts teacher. I write paranormal romance, young adult and historical fiction.


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